How do I ask a question or create a ranx?
You can create a ranx by pressing on “CREATE A RANX” button at any Ranxoo location. You will be asked to write your ranx question and you can optionally write any additional details, such as a small background or introduction paragraph, or specific rules (ie: excluding years from 1940 to 1945, etc) under the “note” field. Then you will be asked to enter a genre or category as well as “key words” which are used for users to easily find you’re your ranx during a search. You may choose to vote and add comments on this page or you may do it at a later time.
Yes, you can see a list of your created ranx by clicking on [bolt] > Activity. You may find other useful details and statistics about your ranx too.
Yes, you must click on the “item” from the ranking list and the reviews section will consequently only list comments of user who voted for that “item”.
You can add your most frequently visited location by clicking on the “+” sign on the menu bar or by clicking on [bolt]> Profil Settings > Locations. You may add as many locations as you wished.
Yes. You can search any Ranxoo Location by going to the footer of the site. On the footer you may select the Ranxoo Country or Ranxoo City that you wish to search.
You may find the information you are looking for in any of the following methods:
By Search Bar: you may start your query by typing any word or combination of words.
By Category: you may click in any categories and scroll through the many rankings available.
By Location: you may narrow down your search by searching in a specific Ranxoo Location. You will also gain from a different perspective from the local users.
You may also combine any of the methods describe above.
Ranxoo World is a location in which users from any country or the entire globe can vote and contribute. This location is the perfect place to obtain information on topics with an international scope or any topic where the world-wide community can participate. We have limited all comments and answers on this location to English-Only to maintain a healthy order of the data.
You may choose to use Google Chrome browser and have the browser translate the page to your desire language.
We encourage users to report any offensive statements as well as grammar errors, duplicate answers, misplaced questions or irrelevant statements to Ranxoo management team. You can report any offense or mistake by clicking on the [exclamation point] located in each section throughout the site.
You can report the duplicate answer by clicking on the [exclamation point] just below the ranking list. Please write any additional comments that will help us understand the issue.
Yes. You can click on any of the social site’s icons at the end of each ranx and follow the simple on-screen instructions. We currently support sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Pinterest. You may either send the any Ranx via e-mail or print it on paper or pdf by clicking on the e-mail and Print icons respectively.
You may optionally support your cast vote choice by introducing any videos that you consider will be useful for other Ranxoo users to see. In addition this videos will be ranked by all users as the most liked or most relevant.
Yes, you can send any video via e-mail by clicking on Share > Print icon located under the main video player. Introduce the recipient’s e-mail on the field and then click Send.
Yes. You must consent and agreed to Ranxoo’s Terms and Policies before uploading video material to Ranxoo. In general words, the video must not show illegal, violent, sexual activity as well as must not support any terrorist group. In addition, the video must not violate any copyright laws and/or display brands or persons without their previous consent.